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Nikolay Aladin
Nikolay Aladin

Fom the Russian Academy of Sciences: Nikolay Aladin

by Dave McGowan

Ravenswood Media hosted Nikolay Aladin, Russian Academy of Sciences, in November. Nick and Dave McGowan spent the week brainstorming on their documentary plans about the Aral Sea. Professor Philip Micklin joined us for a day to review footage from their expedition to the Kazakhstan side of the sea.

The good news is that for the Northern Sea water levels keep rising and salinity keeps dropping. Native species of fish are recolonizing the sea much to the delight of local fishermen. It's hoped that within a few years the people of Aralsk will once again see the waves of the Aral lapping at their city.

The bad news is that the rest of sea is nearly dead. It will take a tremendous effort from the governments of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan along with outside groups to reverse the demise of the Western Sea. The technology is available but not the money.

Nick sat for an hour long interview that Ravenswood Media will edit into a short pilot of the proposed documentary. We produced a Podcast with Nick and Phil about their progress and expedition that's available at the Ravenswood Media website.